Hope Village Inn

We are one: United In Faith

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Veterans 1st Thrift Store

The mission of our Veterans 1st Thrift Store is to provide free furniture, household goods and small appliances for veterans and their families, transitioning from homelessness into their own residences.

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As a part of its Street Outreach Ministry, the Circle of Hope Ministries works to locate, identify and refer homeless veterans to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Street Outreach

More information coming soon.

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Bread Of Life Food Service

Info coming soon.

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Hope Village Inn Capital Campaign Plan (2021 -2022)

  • The Circle of Hope Ministries launched a $1.5 Million 2021-22 Capital Campaign to help fund the construction of the Hope Village Inn Community which will cost $3.6 million to complete. We will procure a mortgage loan for the remaining balance of $2.1 Million. Our campus will be constructed on a 3.5 acre tract of land that was donated by the Multicultural Association that was headed by Samuel Murray, former Mayor of Port Royal.

    Our loan will be repaid from revenues generated from sales at our Veterans 1st Thrift Store; grants from foundations; contributions from the faith-based community; contributions from our individual donors, rental income from our villas and cottages and rental income from our guests' buildings. Income will also be generated from hosting special events in our multipurpose building, i.e., banquets, conferences, etc. and providing catering services from our commercial kitchen.

    Our vision for the Hope Village Inn Campus is a big, bold initiative that will address several critical issues faced by our military personnel, veterans and their families and guests as well as nonveterans who are suffering from the ill-effects of the pandemic of abject poverty: homelessness, food insecurity, lack of access to affordable housing and basic healthcare. Strategically, our campus is located four miles from downtown Beaufort in the rural community of Burton, where essential services are lacking and desperately needed. The Hope Village Inn Campus will consist of the Margie Jenkins Community Center/our multipurpose building, with a 2323sq.ft. auditorium/common area, women's and men's bathrooms, two breakout rooms (one with media technology), two offices, a commercial kitchen, pantry, laundry room and three storage rooms. Our campus will also have three villas, three cottages and two guest buildings, (each with five studio apartments) and a recreational park. Please note that one villa, one cottage and two studio apartments will be constructed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to accommodate disabled residents.

    As we continue to seek donations, an anonymous donor has stepped up to help fund the construction of the Hope Village Inn Community. Our benevolent benefactor has presented us with a $50,000 check and will provide an additional match of $50,000, if we can raise $50,000 by September 1, 2021. We have already raised $30,000 in our capital account and would only need to raise an additional $20,000 by the September 1, 2021 deadline for the $50,000 match. Thank you for your support.
    In His Love & Service,

    Rev. Dr. John C. Dortch, President/CEO

    Hope Village Inn Capital Campaign Plan
    Hope Village Inn Multipurpose Building (.pdf)
    Hope Village Inn Multipurpose Building Floor Plan (.pdf)
    2022 Hope Village Site Development Plan (.pdf) (NEW)
    2022 Hope Village Revised Site Layout (.pdf) (NEW)
    2022 Hope Village Inn ADA Compliant Residences (.pdf) (NEW)